Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy:CAMWise is a subsidiary of, and governed by, Christ All Mighty’s Enterprise, Inc. DBA CAMInsures. Any and all information collected during your checkout process,on any form in our website, and/or throughout your membership experience is used for the sole purpose of creating and enhancing your membership participation, and overall experience. Your personal information is never sold-to or given-to any third-party organization outside of the Christ All Mighty’s Enterprise, Inc. umbrella.

Disclaimer:CAMWise Membership is the collective result of combining resources available through various sources into one comprehensive solution. HealthiestYou and Freedom365 are separate entities from CAMWise, but work with CAMWise to offer their amazing services to individuals and organizations that may otherwise be unable to benefit from them. The Telemedicine, Rx Pricing, Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Non-biased 2nd Medical Opinions, Dermatology, & Back Pain features are provided through HealthiestYou. The sobriety support features including 28-Day Interactive Kick-start Program, video library, GPS Meeting Locator & Manager, Gratitude Library, etc. are provided through Freedom365.  Our third-party providers maintain and operate their respective software.

“THE APPLICATION” is a self –assessment tool accessed via mobile devices that the The company, Herein referred to as “THE LICENSOR” has developed for Educational and informational purposes and individual, on the spot self-assessment; The Application is capable to track certain data with the purpose to guide the END USER, to receive or access to materials which may be in response to the data received or information given from the “END USER” or shared with “THE LICENSEE” or any Institutional client, or shared with “THE LICENSOR”. Neither “THE LICENSEE” , “THE LICENSOR”, the developers of “THE APPLICATION”, or its products provide medical advice, or identify, or treat any symptom, disease, illness or medical condition, THE APPLICATION and its uses are not intended to offer medical care nor act as a medical care provider. THE END USER agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the LICENSOR, The Company, affiliates, providers, licensors, officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, and costs, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising from any claims from third parties; on the same side THE END USER agrees to defend, indemnify and hold THE LICENSEE and its affiliates, providers and directors, officers, and support against any legal actions arising from third parties. The Company(LICENSOR) reserves the right to assume control of the defense of any third party claim that is subject to indemnification by any license party, in such event both parties agree to act in mutual cooperation. TERMS AND VALIDITY: The term is (1) year beginning today. This agreement is renewable annually; this contract will be renewed automatically for a second year and consecutive years unless the END USER requests to cancel. DISCLAIMER: a) THE PARTIES (Licensor and Licensee), does not assume any obligation or liability with respect to any END USER, health or physical activity or condition. In no event shall FULL RECOVERY EDUCATIONAL ENTERPRISES LLC, AND/OR CHRIST ALL MIGHTY’S ENTERPRISES, INC (D.B.A. CAMWISE), be liable for any death, or bodily injury that any End User may suffer in connection to the addiction rehab process or mental condition using THE APPLICATION as a recovery tool.

Monthly Payment/Cancellations:Any and all monthly, and/or annual membership fees are a recurring draft. As long as the membership has not lapsed in payment it will continue month after month without disruption of services. If a payment is missed, your access to scheduling time with a health professional will be halted until your payment information is updated and a successful draft is made. Any and all requests for cancellation must be received by CAMWise Membership, in writing, no later than the 15th of the month to be effective the 1st of the following month. These requests can be made on our About Us Contact Form by selecting the “Ending My Access” option in the “I’d like more info on…” section. In the event that a membership paid annually is requesting a cancellation prior to the expiration of the term they’ve paid for, CAMWise will prorate for the months of active membership and refund the balance.

Hold Harmless: The user agrees to using the services provided through their membership level with the understanding that they are administrated by the third-party companies listed above.  Any and all statements and/or diagnosis /treatment that a member obtains through their membership are solely that of the physician making them.  CAMWise will not be held responsible to for outcome of any telemedicine, dermatology, back pain, or behavioral health appointment.