Premier Membership

Our Premier Membership has the features needed to focus on maintaining a healthy state-of-mind to avoid substance abuse relapses. The ultimate mobile sobriety support tool; in total anonymity. This option combines virtual sobriety support with the NO COPAY features of our Standard Membership; giving access like never before. When used properly our Premier Members can decreased their relapse rate!

All CAMWise Members are assigned a Financial Counselor to assist with navigating topics like: How Time Impacts Future Earnings, Best Practices For College Funding, Retirement Options, & More…

Premier Benefits

  • {tooltip}All Standard Member Benefits plus{end-texte} Nationwide Access Telemedicine No Co-Pays
    Mental Health No Co-Pays
    Behavioral Health No Co-Pays
    Second Medical Opinion No Co-Pay
    Family Counseling No Co-Pays
    Dermatology No Co-Pays
    Back Pain No Co-Pays
    Price Transparency for Prescriptions
    Periodic give-away{end-tooltip}

  • {tooltip}Nationwide Access with No Co-Pays{end-texte}As long as you have access to your Service Providers Network, or WIFI, you can access your benefits - no matter where you are in the United States!{end-tooltip}

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