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Best Doctors connects you to more than 50,000 world-renowned medical experts that can help with everything from minor surgery to major issues like cancer and heart disease. As a result, you’re sure you have the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment.
We allow members to pay for their membership annually on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to inquire about paying for your membership annually please contact us.
Simply inform us of your move so we can update our records as your zip code is used for: contests, giveaways, & coach assignment. CAMWise is a nationwide membership, therefore, your actual current location does not change how you access your benefits.
A household for us means you, your spouse, and any dependent child under the age of 26, any adult child with development/intellectual disabilities age 27+, and/or elderly parents in your care.
Our member benefits are always at your fingertips, as long as you have internet access and a smartphone, tablet or computer. Many of our benefits are useful regardless of location and though technology can be accessed anywhere in the world, some of our benefits do not pertain to countries other than the USA. For example, the cost and ratings of medical facilities in the United States would not pertain to you if you are in another country, but if you needed to consult a physician about a spontaneous rash you could still use your Telemedicine features; keeping in mind if you are abroad prescriptions will not be available.
Recent history has exposed a large gap in our current Healthcare System and we aim to bridge that gap through education and access. We give our members the information and tools necessary to maintain and protect their lifestyle; as well as, assisting to improve lifestyles if that is the members’ goal. CAMWise aims to be a trusted source in a world full of misinformation; giving tips and hints to put the general public in a better position to take advantage of healthcare tools available to them. Going against the grain and providing a personal touch by assigning each member a licensed and insured coach to ensure they are not only getting the most from their member benefits [including our exclusive discounts and periodic giveaways] but also to assist them in navigating topics like college funding, retirement planning, legacy building, and much, much more!

CAMInsures is the parent company to CAMWise. Originally founded in 1990, CAMInsures has grown into a full-serviceLife &Health Brokerage across 12 states. CAMInsures hopes to take their 30+ years’ experience in the risk management industry and impart it to the CAMWise Community, so they can fully take advantage of their position in the healthcare market; instead ofbeing swept away by it for lack of knowledge.

Board-certified Dermatologists treat a wide variety of skin conditions by web or app; simply take a photo and submit for review and a custom treatment plan will be ready in days.

Members schedule time with Behavioral Health Practitioners like Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Therapists,or Counselors via phone, or video chat.

Using exercise therapy,back pain assistance is provided through guided videos with a certified health coach; personalized for the areas ailing you.

Yes, but not anymore! We’re always striving to better our member experience and we were able to rearrange how we bill new members; simplifying the process.

Not only do you not have a co-pay when using any of the features of your membership, but you can also schedule as many visits as you need.

You should allow approximately 3-5 business days for your account to be set up and receive your login information for the website and app.  Once logged-in, you’ll be able to access your benefits.

Our features are more parent centered (ie. Insurance connectivity to track spending) but in many cases children can use some of the telemedicine features.

The Premier Membership has all of the benefits of our Standard withthe added benefit of sobriety support.  Helping our members who have already fought the battle to get sober and want to give themselves the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our sobriety support tools are designed to help maintain sobriety after completing in-person treatment.  Overcoming addiction is tough but staying sober is even harder; we help successfully-recovered individuals stay that way.

By providing industry changing Telemedicine access, insurance connectivity, provider discovery, cost transparency, & prescription savings at your fingertips. Our Standard & Premier members can talk to a Medical Doctor, Dermatologist, or Behavioral Health Professional at the convenience of their schedule. Best of all, our members have NO CO-PAYS, and it applies to everyone in the household!

Our Sobriety Support program assists to redirect self-destructive behaviors towards life-improving behaviors; helping to tackle the opioid epidemic currently sweeping our nation. This interactive system loads your recovery tool chest with everything you need to succeed both in life & the quest to leave substance use behind.

All of our members get assigned a Licensed & Insured coach because having information is one thing, but having assistance with how to implement that knowledge into your life is a totally different story. Your CAM Coach helps with member benefits,as well as, being a resource of risk management to help navigate a balanced path of protection for your future.

Your strategy sessions are always free!  You can comfortably reach out to your CAM Coach to get unbiased information regarding many topics like planning towards your retirement, saving for your child’s college funding, protecting your legacy, or simply reviewing your current coverage.

Your membership is yours to keep,and the benefits will not change for you or your household. We will simply need an updated payment method to pick-up where your employer left-off. Call us: 1(844)226-9473

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